The first strictly user-input cannabis app, with an expertly-designed, easy-to-use interface.


Track and find the cannabis of your desires. Utilizing colors to identify your favorite flavor flowers, share with dispensaries, and effortlessly find the perfect match.


Become more connected to friends, customers, retailers, manufacturers, growers, and cannabis enthusiasts. See what flavors sell better and where


Ratings will be compiled to provide an elegant demonstration of colors representing an individual's overall favorite flavors. Show this to your budtender, so they know what flavors you like.


Appeal to customers by showing them what flavors you have available, better strains equal more likes, more likes equal more views, so show the world what you have to offer! Get product reviews directly from customers


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Weedcolors shows you how to have a more colorful cannabis experience.

The Weedcolors App is an immersive, easy-to-use platform that connects, categorizes, and centralizes personalized cannabis flavor profiles and ratings – all through the single tap of a button. 

We believe in the power of community and the possibility of innovation to spark a new universe of connections between customers, retailers, manufacturers, growers, and all cannabis enthusiasts. Communication through color can help you find your favorite flavor, recall your favorites, filter pricing, and perhaps meet new people.


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Our user platform is available on Android and iOS apps. It provides people with a color rating system and information about cannabis products, such as online ordering, local retailer and brand listings, product discovery, and consumer education on cannabis’ history uses and legal status


Weedcolors is more than an app; it is a way of finding flavors, a way of finding friends, and a way of finding flowers. Use Weedcolors to see what strains taste like before you buy, and remember what you liked and didn’t for the future.

Build a flavor profile & find your true colors with the Weedcolors App today.


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Weedcolors is a revolutionary new, free, innovative social networking app to rate cannabisusing colors. Weedcolors then takes those ratings and creates a color profile for strains andpeople alike. And it creates a new way to look at and communicate coherently about cannabis.

Weedcolors is available on Play Store and Apple App Store. You can download it on all android phones and iPhones

It’s a color rating system to provide coherence when rating & communicating about cannabis; it helps you rate and remember your preferences about the cannabis you smoke. 

No. It should be noted that Weedcolors does not grow, produce, or manufacture any cannabisrelated products. All we do is to provide our community members with an accessible and safe platform from which they can find, assess and learn about cannabis products to their full potential.

No. However, on each product page, we include a link to the brand’s website, where you may get more information, find stores, or make a purchase.

No, you can only perform these functions from the iOS and Android apps.

Yes. Weedcolors has made the required efforts to design, build, and deploy a reliable and secure data platform. In addition, we’ve teamed with industry-leading companies to ensure the most outstanding levels of security and encryption.

Everyone can view your color strains and your favorite flavor flowers, and product ratings. Weedcolors requires a username and an email address when creating an account. However, other users will not see your personally identifying information when sharing your results (colors, strain, and product ratings) with the community. Your ratings will only be “visible” if you choose them to be so in settings.

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