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How Long Does Weed Smell Last? Managing Cannabis Odor

Smoking weed can sometimes feel like a game of hide the smell. Your roommate hates it when you smoke inside, your significant other doesn’t like smelling weed in your hair, and your boss probably doesn’t appreciate catching a whiff of it on your clothes. To avoid trouble, you need to know the answer to “How long does weed smell last?” and what you can do about it.

If you’re experiencing such a dilemma, keep reading. This article will be your guide to keeping things undercover. 

How Long Does Weed Smell Last in a Room?

Weed smell in a room tends to last somewhere between three to five hours. However, this varies on the type of room. Keep in mind that the same general rules apply to other enclosed spaces, like cars. 

Factors that impact how long the smell stays in a room include: 

  • Size of the room: Larger rooms have more space for smell to disperse. So, a larger room will tend to hold smells for shorter periods of time than a smaller room. 
  • Ventilation: The more windows and other forms of ventilation a room has, the faster the smell will leave it. 

To get rid of the smell of weed in a room faster, you can: 

  • Provide ventilation: Opening windows, opening doors, and even running fans will help a room air out. 
  • Use deodorizers: Materials like vinegar and baking soda will cling to odors and remove them from a room. You can boil vinegar for an hour to allow vinegar vapors to spread through the room. You can also spread baking soda through the room, let it sit for a while, and then vacuum it up. 
  • Cover up the smell: With a space as large as a room, you can do a lot to cover up the smell. Lighting a candle, cooking fragrant foods, using an oil diffuser, or simply spraying the room with a deodorizer will provide competing scents that will cover up the smell of weed.  

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How Long Does Weed Smell Last in Clothes?

The smell of weed has even more variability in clothes. It can be gone in as little as a few hours. However, it can also stick around for multiple days. Anyone who has pulled out an old hoodie from a drawer and found that it still smells like weed can attest to this fact. 

Factors that impact how long the smell stays around in clothes include: 

  • The material: Some clothing materials have a tendency to hold odors while others expel them quickly. Synthetic fibers, polyester, nylon, rayon, and spandex all hold odors for long periods of time. 
  • Where the weed was smoked: In a confined place, the smell of weed has a chance to concentrate further. Everything within that space then has more of a chance of getting a higher concentration of weed odors, which will make those odors stay for a longer period of time. 

To get rid of the smell of weed in clothes faster, you can: 

  • Wear natural materials: Cotton, wool, and linen don’t hold scents as well as synthetic fibers. So, you can expect the smell to leave these materials faster. 
  • Do laundry: The easiest and most direct method to get rid of weed smells in clothes is to wash them. In most cases, this will remove the smells immediately. 

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How Long Does Weed Smell Last in Hair?

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The location most people tend to forget about when it comes to the smell of weed is their own hair. However, the smell of weed in hair can last anywhere from a few hours to two full days

Factors that impact how long the smell stays around in hair include: 

  • Amount of hair: More hair means more places for odor to cling to. So, a buzz cut will be clear of odor almost immediately, while a full head of hair will take longer. 
  • Type of hair: Fine hair tends to hold orders less, while coarse hair can take in more. By determining your hair type, you can get a better idea of how effectively it will take in the smell of weed. 

To get rid of the smell of weed in your hair faster, you can: 

  • Let it loose: Covering your hair in a hat or wearing it up will cage the odors in. Letting it all hang out lets the odors leave your head. 
  • Step outside: Fresh air and sunshine both help eliminate odor. So, stepping outside for a while and letting your hair get some air will help. 
  • Wash it: This should be obvious to most. Giving your hair a good wash will help remove most odors. 

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Other Factors Impacting How Long Weed Smell Lasts

Weed has a lot of variability to it. In addition, the surfaces it clings to have a lot of variability to them. 

  • The variety of weed: Highly concentrated weed strains will produce more aroma. In addition, some strains are known for producing a more pungent aroma than others. The strain of weed will also impact how long it stays in your system in general. 
  • Consumption method: Smoking produces more smell than vaping, and vaping produces more smell than edibles. 

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Managing Cannabis Odor

Managing the smell that comes with cannabis can be done from many different angles. You can change what you smoke, how you smoke, what you do after you smoke, and even how you clean up. Doing this lets you keep your smoking habits as discrete as you prefer. 

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