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How to Get Weed Out of Your System Faster: Detox Tips and Tricks

Most people who smoke are primarily concerned with finding the best ways to get weed into their system. This is why the sudden shift to finding a way to get it out of your system is so rough. However, with a drug test or other commitment on the horizon, it may be necessary.

In any case, to remove weed from your system, you need detox tips, tricks, and maybe some miracles. Read on to find out what solutions exist for you.

The Science Behind Weed in Your System

Let’s start with a trip back to high school for a little science class. Well, your science class probably didn’t dig too deep into the details about weed, but we’ll still explore the science anyway.

Cannabis contains a compound called tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. This is the compound that produces the “high” you feel when you smoke. When consumed, this compound metabolizes into THC metabolites. These are the compounds that drug tests look for when they look for marijuana usage.

The actual effects of THC wear off in a few hours. However, signs of it in your system can be seen for days or even months later. This is particularly true for those who regularly consume THC, as it is fat-soluble and, thus, will build up in the body over time.

All of this is taken into account when tests are chosen. Test types and the periods of time they test for include:

  • Blood tests: A THC blood test will usually only detect cannabis if you have consumed it within the last three or four hours.
  • Saliva swabs: This oral test will usually only detect cannabis use within the last few days.
  • Urine tests: These are a bit trickier. For people who don’t usually smoke, they will usually only be positive if the person has smoked in the last three days. For regular users, this time period extends to around 30 days.
  • Hair tests: These are the tests that look for the longest period of time as they seek out cannabis use over the last 90 days. These tests can also pick up secondhand weed smoke, so watch out if you are in a room filled with weed smoke.

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Getting Weed Out of Your System

THC makes its way pretty deep into your system, especially if you have been smoking for a long time. This means you need to be careful when removing it from your system and make sure you don’t fall victim to any scams.

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Methods to Avoid

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When looking for ways to get weed out of your system, you’ll undoubtedly run into many options that promise to quickly remove the weed from your system. These are often drinks or pills, claiming they will provide a full detox in no time. 

Unfortunately, these are often complete scams. Most of these products just make you use the bathroom more often. While this does help flush out your system somewhat, it doesn’t change the fact that THC is stored in your fat cells and won’t just leave because you tried some strange product.

In addition, many methods include drinking ridiculous amounts of water to force the THC out of your system. While this works to some extent, it won’t get rid of everything. In addition, if a urine test is too watery, it will be noticeable to the testers and will often cause them to take a closer look at your sample.

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Methods to Use

The bad news is that there is no reliable way to immediately remove all the THC metabolites from your system. If you have a drug test tomorrow, you are likely out of luck.

However, there are methods you can use to prepare for a test further out. These will allow you to remove the signs of weed use as fast as possible.

  • Stop any cannabis use. This may seem obvious, but in order to get weed out of your system, you should stop using it immediately. This prevents it from being in your system and continuing to build up in your fat cells. 
  • Drink water. While drinking ridiculous amounts of water won’t clear the THC out of your system immediately, staying hydrated is still helpful. It gives your kidneys their best shot at detoxing your system. The daily water recommendation is around 15 cups for men and 11 cups for women.  
  • Exercise. A little bit of regular exercise will get your body’s metabolism functioning faster. This will help it clear any toxins, including weed remnants, faster. 
  • Eat healthy. Eating a diet high in fiber and filled with fruits and vegetables will allow your body to function optimally. Giving it this chance allows it to expel the toxins from your body better. Meanwhile, eating nothing but junk food just gives the THC metabolites more fat cells to hide in.

In addition, you should avoid making it clear that you smoke. If you come into a drug test smelling like marijuana, your test will likely be looked at closer. So, avoid smelling like weed, wearing a shirt with drug references, and generally making it clear that you smoke. This gives you a better chance at staying under the radar and avoiding testing altogether.

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Picking the Right Weed with WeedColors

Just because you stopped smoking to pass a drug test doesn’t mean you need to completely remove yourself from the world of marijuana. You’ll likely find the smell of weed on others.

So, while you’re on a detox, stay connected with WeedColors. You can chat with and participate in the communities that this app is developing. You can even learn about new weed strains and see what others have to say about them. That way, if you start smoking again at a later date, you’ve already got a few new strains picked out for your return.

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Getting Weed Out of Your System

Getting weed out of your system isn’t easy. It involves letting your body function naturally and following the best practices that will give your body its best shot at detox.

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